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Cottington Woods
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Cottington Woods - a dark fairytale LARP
Once Upon A Time, in the land of Farraway, there was Cottington Woods.
-unknown Patron

Cottington Woods is a fairy place.

That isn’t the same as a fairy tale place, though it has its share of those. Fairies are terrifying creatures, and the woods reflect those ancient masters. Here you’ll find the heroes of the tales, though not usually as you might expect. The Riding Hoods search for danger in the deep forest. The Jacks, nimble and quick in service to the King of Farraway, are constantly on the watch for plots within the Houselands. The cold-hearted elves from Greencloud are at war with the cunning goblins of UnderMarsh. Here things go bump in the night. It is the world of Mother Goose, but also of the Brothers Grimm, with Mary Shelley and a hint of Bram Stoker to keep you on your toes.

The Wood seems to exist smack in the middle of the entire world. Fairy mists reach out to all manner of places, distant and near, past and future. Mysterious goblin “door” magic makes it possible to go almost anywhere instantly. And there are the Ways, hidden folds on the map that can be sometimes found and traveled, if the traveler would risk them closing behind him. And at the center of the woods is Cottington, a tiny hub where the people of the woods gather for trade and news and sometimes hidden purposes.