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PC Preregistration for the March 21-23, 2014, event IS OPEN.
Go forth and register, so that we know you will be at the event, and we can PLOT accordingly!  ;-)
PLEASE NOTE:  We will again be offering EARLY PREREG CP of 5 CP for everyone who preregisters and pays by Friday 2/21/2014.
To Preregister:
2. Log into the site (click on Login in the upper right hand corner)
3. Then go to About ---> Events
3. You will now see the remaining event dates.  The March event will be highlighted red, with a note telling you if you're preregistered or not.  If you have not, there will be a preregistration button.  Click on it to preregister.
4. Fill out the fields and click submit.  You have now preregistered!
Some Event Details

  • Location:  The event will be held at YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT.  For those familiar, this is the campsite Madrigal and Aralis primarily use.

  • Cost: TBD.  We are awaiting the new contract AND how many PCs we land at to determine if we need to raise prices this year.  We hope to keep it at $75, but may need to raise it to $80.

  • Event Cap:  Set presently to 90 PCs.

  • Annual Membership:  It is a new year, so please remember that annual membership of $25 is also now due!

Any questions, please let us know.