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I know the event is still a little over 8 weeks away, but we're already hard at work writing up our plotlines and modules and looking for roles to cast.

To that end, *we are now accepting NPC preregistration for our March 21-23, 2014 Event* to be held at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock CT.

For those unfamiliar with this site, the monster camp building is huge and includes bunk beds in two sections for all NPCs, has a kitchen and main gathering area, two bathrooms (guys/gals) with showers, and best of all - IS HEATED!  As always, we will be providing food for all meals and snacks throughout the days.

*For our players* - please remember that we have an *NPC REFERRAL PROGRAM*.
Get your friends to NPC for Cottington Woods, and you earn CP if they put you down as their referral when registering or signing in at Monster Camp.

Here's how it works:

  • ask your friends to NPC for Cottington Woods, and have them list you as the referrer when they Prereg or Sign-In at the event

  • your friends must NPC at least half of the event to receive referral credit

  • the first time your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 5 CP per NPC referred

  • on the second event your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 10 CP per NPC referred

  • every event after the second your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 5 CP. Every event.

  • we are not presently capping referral rewards (though we reserve the right to change that), though the usual per event CP caps apply - refer as many friends as you'd like!

Your friend MUST list you as the referrer on the Prereg form, or at checkin.  We will only use the name the NPC puts down as their referrer for awarding CP.