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Cottington Woods September 2013 Event

Hey, is this thing still on?

So we've completely been forgetting to cross-post here when we update our sites with game information, so I thought I'd take a moment to do so now!

Our next event is THIS WEEKEND September 20-22, 2013!

If you're going to come NPC for us, please remember to preregister to NPC! It helps us in planning our event! That said, we welcome "walk-up NPCs" if you wake up Friday morning and decide you want to come hit things. We have plenty of Roleplay and Combat roles available for our NPCs.

And Remember PCs, we now have a NPC Referral Program - you will earn 5 CP every event an NPC you refer casts at least half of the event for us, with a bonus on the 2nd event they return (10 CP that event).

If you're PCing, please preregister on the website at www.cottingtonwoods.com by logging in and then going to About-->Events. Payment for the event is now due. Cost is $75 and can be paid via PayPal to prereg @ cottingtonwoods.com

Housing Assignments for the event have already been posted to the Player List.

Finally, we could still use Donations! (You must be logged into the website to see the list). Unlike many other games, we give you your CP the moment you sign up for a donation. This does mean that we are trusting you to bring the donation to the game, so please remember to do so!

Character Updates close tonight, 9/17/2013, at midnight, so please remember to update your characters!

Otherwise, we cannot wait to see everyone at the event!