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June Preregistration

NPC Preregistration for the June Event is already open.

If you are part of our Perm NPC crowd, you need do nothing -- we will assume you are there for the entire event, unless you drop us a line at npc@cottingtonwoods.com to inform us that you will only be attending part of the event (and please let us know when you'll be there) or that you cannot make this event.

Otherwise, please preregister to NPC here:

And if you haven't previously filled out an NPC Survey to let us know the roles you'd like, please fill it out here:

PC Preregistration for the June Event opens tonight at 8pm

As we have just over 6 short weeks until the June event, we are opening Preregistration for the June 7-9 2013 event tomorrow 4/25/2013 at 8pm.

Furthermore, we will offer a bonus of 5 CP to anyone who both preregisters AND pays for their event by next Friday 5/3/2013. This is so we know who is coming and can plan plot around our attending players, and also ensure we can make our campsite payments on time.

Event Cap is still set at 85 players.

Preregistration form is in the same place, though it will not be active until 8pm tomorrow:

If you haven't filled out our Player Survey yet, please take the time to do so now:

Can't wait to see you in June!!