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Last Minute Donations for April Event


We have some Donations that have remained unclaimed, that we wished to make one last appeal to see if anyone wishes to donate them. We've also added donations for monster camp, if you wished to contribute items for our NPCs.

We've also upped CP on several items. If you're already donating some of these items, your CP earned should already be adjusted to the new amount.

Please email donations@cottingtonwoods.com if you wish to donate -- please let us know before Wednesday if you want the CP to count for this event.

NOTE: UPDATED 4/15/2013 5:00pm

Still Needed Donations

Nightmare Costumes - Need 4 more - 8 CP + Material Cost
-- These can be Black tabards with simple swirling designs done in either UV reactive/glow in dark fabric paint, or designs cut from UV reactive/glow in dark fabric and securely attached with iron-on "stitch witchery" or machine-washable fabric glue. Edges must be hemmed (or fabric that doesn't fray, such as felt; or it can be sealed with stitch witchery), and fabric needs to be machine-washable.
-- More elaborate designs welcome. CP reward will scale with elaborateness of costume.

Dream Costumes - Need 4 - 8 CP + Materials Cost
-- Same as Nightmare costumes above, but this time in white or very light or iridescent fabric. Prefer something that is loose and flowing, but is not necessary. Edges must be hemmed or fabric that doesn't fray.

Fire Costumes - Need 4 - 8 CP + Materials Costs
-- These should like fire or fire elementals. Be as creative as you'd like.

Lightning Costumes - Need at least 2 - 8 CP + Materials Cost
-- These should like Lightning/Air Elementals. Be as creative as you'd like.

Cobweb. Up to 5. 2.5 CP per

Purple Glitter Makeup, 3 CP

NPC Camp Food:

3 Large Bags (32oz) of Carrot Sticks. 2 CP per bag.

Gatorade, 12-pack (or 2-6 packs). Up to 20. 5 CP per 12 pack.

Bottles of water, 24 or 30 pack. Up to 10. 7 cp per pack.

12-pack Dinty Moore Stew. 10 CP.

10-pack Summer Squash Soup or Bisque. 10 CP.

Claimed Donations

Black Boffer Bow with string and celtic knotwork design. - 15 CP
-- if you won't have time to add the celtic knotwork design, it is not necessary, though the CP grant becomes 10 CP

Small Glowing Orbs - Need 10 - 3 CP per orb

Turtle Shell - Need 1 - 20 CP
use expediated shipping to arrive prior to the event

Mehron FX Facepaint - Purple, White, Brown, Black - 2.5 CP per tube

Rabbit Mask - Need 1 - 5 CP

Rabbit Ears - Need 1 - 5 CP

Raccoon tail & ears set - Need 4 - 5 CP per

Dog ears & tail - Need 1-2 - 5 CP per

Purple Fairy Wings. Need 4. Sold 2 per pack. 7 CP per pack of 2.

Blue Fairy Wings. Need 1. 7 CP

Comb, Brush, Mirror Set. 12 CP

Emergency Rain Poncho, 4-Pack. Up to 4. 5 CP.

Black Rain Poncho. 5 CP per. Up to 10 needed.

Extra fine glitter, 24 pack. 8 CP.

Granola Bar, 60 pack. Need 3. 10 CP per.

Fruit Bar, 48 pack. Need 2. 10 CP per.

Hot Chocolate, 60 pack. Need 2. 6 CP per.

Coffee, 12oz bag. Need 4. 2.5 CP per 12oz.

Lemonade Mix, 82.5 oz can. 7 CP.

Oatmeal Variety Pack, 52 count. Need 2. 7.5 CP per.

Large Bag of Apples. Up to 3 Bags. 3 CP per bag.

Large Bunches of Bananas. Up to 4 bunches. 3 CP per.

Paper Plates, 100 Count. Up to 2. 5 CP per 100 plates.

Plastic Cups, 100 count. Up to 2. 5 CP per 100 cups.

Plastic Silverware, 360 count. 2 packages. 10 CP per.

2-Gallon Water Jugs. Up to 4. 5 CP per.

Coffee/Hot Cups, 50 or more Count. Up to 200. 5 CP per package.