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Important Annoucements: 2014 Event Dates, Event Costs, Preregistration, NPC Referral

Hope everyone is getting as excited for the second year of Cottington Woods as we are! Our first event is only just over 6 weeks away, and we have so much planned!

We wanted to make a few announcements/updates, so please read on!

**EVENT DATES 2014**

It was brought up that we never confirmed our 2014 Event Dates, so in case you missed the announcements:

March 21-23, 2014
May 30-June 1, 2014
July 19, 2014+
September 19-21, 2014
October 24-26, 2014
Winter RP Day TBD+

This does sadly mean we are conflicting with Fables of Fenorra in May, and Shadows of Amun in September, but on the plus side, we've avoided conflicts with all other LARPs our players play!

+The Summer One-Day is not yet confirmed. We are waiting on confirmation from the Campsite.

+We are likely to hold a Winter RP day, but exact date is TBD and may be in early 2015.


We had hoped to keep our weekend event costs at $75 per player, but given rising camp costs and that our player numbers seem to average 60 to 70 an event now, instead of 80 to 90 (for example, we are at 53 players preregistered for March), we will need to increase our event fee by $5 per person this year -- from $75 per event to $80. One-Day costs remain the same at present.

Weekend Event Costs: $80 in advance, $90 at the door
One-Day Event Costs: $40 with potluck contribution, $50 at the door

Annual Membership remains $25

Event payment is due 2 weeks prior to the event. Annual membership is due prior to your first event of the year.

If this is an issue for you, please contact us at info@cottingtonwoods.com (or directly to me at thepressedfairy@gmail.com) to discuss.


Just a reminder that you will earn 5 Bonus CP just for preregistering and paying by February 21, 2014.

If you are intending on coming to the March event but cannot pay yet, that's fine - please preregister to let us know that you plan on coming, so we can plan accordingly! We would hate to postpone something because we didn't think you would be at the event.


As a further reminder, we have an NPC referral program in place! Refer an NPC to us, and we will give you 5 CP after their first event, 10 CP after their second, and then 5 CP for each even thereafter. There is no limit at present on the number of NPCs you can refer. They need to list you as their referrer when they preregister so that we can credit you appropriately.


Our NPC Preregistration is open now as well! Please preregister to let us know you will be NPCing for Cottington Woods, so that we can cast you in advance for roles.

Preregister here:

We do welcome last minute/showing-up-at-the-door NPCs and do keep many roles in reserve to cast onsite so that last minute NPCs still have cool things to play. And if you would prefer to just fight all weekend, we have many combat only - as well as RP only, and a mix of both - roles available for those who want to crunch.

We are very open about plotlines and campaign secrets in Monster Camp, however, so please understand that once you NPC for Cottington Woods, you cannot jump over to being a PC.

If there are any questions, please let us know!
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Preregistration for the March 21-23 Season Opener is now open!

PC Preregistration for the March 21-23, 2014, event IS OPEN.
Go forth and register, so that we know you will be at the event, and we can PLOT accordingly!  ;-)
PLEASE NOTE:  We will again be offering EARLY PREREG CP of 5 CP for everyone who preregisters and pays by Friday 2/21/2014.
To Preregister:
2. Log into the site (click on Login in the upper right hand corner)
3. Then go to About ---> Events
3. You will now see the remaining event dates.  The March event will be highlighted red, with a note telling you if you're preregistered or not.  If you have not, there will be a preregistration button.  Click on it to preregister.
4. Fill out the fields and click submit.  You have now preregistered!
Some Event Details

  • Location:  The event will be held at YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT.  For those familiar, this is the campsite Madrigal and Aralis primarily use.

  • Cost: TBD.  We are awaiting the new contract AND how many PCs we land at to determine if we need to raise prices this year.  We hope to keep it at $75, but may need to raise it to $80.

  • Event Cap:  Set presently to 90 PCs.

  • Annual Membership:  It is a new year, so please remember that annual membership of $25 is also now due!

Any questions, please let us know.
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NPC Preregistration for the March 21-23 Event is Now Open

I know the event is still a little over 8 weeks away, but we're already hard at work writing up our plotlines and modules and looking for roles to cast.

To that end, *we are now accepting NPC preregistration for our March 21-23, 2014 Event* to be held at Camp Woodstock in Woodstock CT.

For those unfamiliar with this site, the monster camp building is huge and includes bunk beds in two sections for all NPCs, has a kitchen and main gathering area, two bathrooms (guys/gals) with showers, and best of all - IS HEATED!  As always, we will be providing food for all meals and snacks throughout the days.

*For our players* - please remember that we have an *NPC REFERRAL PROGRAM*.
Get your friends to NPC for Cottington Woods, and you earn CP if they put you down as their referral when registering or signing in at Monster Camp.

Here's how it works:

  • ask your friends to NPC for Cottington Woods, and have them list you as the referrer when they Prereg or Sign-In at the event

  • your friends must NPC at least half of the event to receive referral credit

  • the first time your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 5 CP per NPC referred

  • on the second event your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 10 CP per NPC referred

  • every event after the second your friend NPCs for us, you will earn 5 CP. Every event.

  • we are not presently capping referral rewards (though we reserve the right to change that), though the usual per event CP caps apply - refer as many friends as you'd like!

Your friend MUST list you as the referrer on the Prereg form, or at checkin.  We will only use the name the NPC puts down as their referrer for awarding CP.
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2014 Event Dates Confirmed

Our Weekend Event Dates for 2014 are confirmed:

March 21-23, 2014 at Camp Woodstock
May 30-June 1, 2014 at Camp Frank A Day
September 19-21, 2014, at Camp Frank A Day
October 24-26, 2014 at Camp Frank A Day

We will also be running a Summer One-Day Event - date TBD.
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Cottington Woods September 2013 Event

Hey, is this thing still on?

So we've completely been forgetting to cross-post here when we update our sites with game information, so I thought I'd take a moment to do so now!

Our next event is THIS WEEKEND September 20-22, 2013!

If you're going to come NPC for us, please remember to preregister to NPC! It helps us in planning our event! That said, we welcome "walk-up NPCs" if you wake up Friday morning and decide you want to come hit things. We have plenty of Roleplay and Combat roles available for our NPCs.

And Remember PCs, we now have a NPC Referral Program - you will earn 5 CP every event an NPC you refer casts at least half of the event for us, with a bonus on the 2nd event they return (10 CP that event).

If you're PCing, please preregister on the website at www.cottingtonwoods.com by logging in and then going to About-->Events. Payment for the event is now due. Cost is $75 and can be paid via PayPal to prereg @ cottingtonwoods.com

Housing Assignments for the event have already been posted to the Player List.

Finally, we could still use Donations! (You must be logged into the website to see the list). Unlike many other games, we give you your CP the moment you sign up for a donation. This does mean that we are trusting you to bring the donation to the game, so please remember to do so!

Character Updates close tonight, 9/17/2013, at midnight, so please remember to update your characters!

Otherwise, we cannot wait to see everyone at the event!

June Preregistration

NPC Preregistration for the June Event is already open.

If you are part of our Perm NPC crowd, you need do nothing -- we will assume you are there for the entire event, unless you drop us a line at npc@cottingtonwoods.com to inform us that you will only be attending part of the event (and please let us know when you'll be there) or that you cannot make this event.

Otherwise, please preregister to NPC here:

And if you haven't previously filled out an NPC Survey to let us know the roles you'd like, please fill it out here:

PC Preregistration for the June Event opens tonight at 8pm

As we have just over 6 short weeks until the June event, we are opening Preregistration for the June 7-9 2013 event tomorrow 4/25/2013 at 8pm.

Furthermore, we will offer a bonus of 5 CP to anyone who both preregisters AND pays for their event by next Friday 5/3/2013. This is so we know who is coming and can plan plot around our attending players, and also ensure we can make our campsite payments on time.

Event Cap is still set at 85 players.

Preregistration form is in the same place, though it will not be active until 8pm tomorrow:

If you haven't filled out our Player Survey yet, please take the time to do so now:

Can't wait to see you in June!!

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With info skills due soon and the next event right around the corner, I created a google group to be used for in game discussion and coordination of info skills, for players to find out about plotlines they are particularly interested in, and to keep track of all of our crazy conspiracy theories on how every plotline is somehow connected. For instance, several players were wondering why the room blew up when the priest tried to add the page on Hallowdale near the end of the event, so I’ve added something from Vincent explaining the situation. We actually have a rather large number of things that need looked into before the next event, so it would be awesome if people could join and volunteer to help! You should be able to find the group at the link below:
(Please read the welcome message once you join for info on use of the group.)

Last Minute Donations for April Event


We have some Donations that have remained unclaimed, that we wished to make one last appeal to see if anyone wishes to donate them. We've also added donations for monster camp, if you wished to contribute items for our NPCs.

We've also upped CP on several items. If you're already donating some of these items, your CP earned should already be adjusted to the new amount.

Please email donations@cottingtonwoods.com if you wish to donate -- please let us know before Wednesday if you want the CP to count for this event.

NOTE: UPDATED 4/15/2013 5:00pm

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Stone Soup Lunch

Reposted with permission

"Hail, folk of Cottington Woods. While IG, food is being provided by Master Vigo Cotting, OOG there's a need for it.

On behalf of the Stone Soup Fellowship, I would like to invite you all to a stone soup lunch on Saturday at the Cotting House. We'll bring food, you bring food, and we'll share with each other. There will also be games, songs, and pleasant company a-plenty.

I look forward to seeing all you good folk there.

- Andy French(aka Will DeCanta of the Stone Soup Fellowship)"
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Donations - get your CP!

The Donations list has been posted to the Player List. Please check it out if you would like to earn some additional CP!

UPDATED 3/23/2013! The list here will be updated as donations are taken.

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